Help Connecting Android to PC

Hi, im using android 13, and i setup syncthing on it running on mobile hotspot connection, i was able to connect to another android device on this “hotspot” network, but i was not able to connect to PC

Settings are: both dynamic, Global, Local, NAt ON I read about using static ip on android, but since is a hotspot connection i think i cant set static

You didn’t mention “Enable Relaying” being on, so I’ll assume it’s off.

The PC is also on the hotspot network? What’s the operating system on the PC?

Without seeing screenshots of Syncthing’s interface to see what it says about the connections, best guess is that it’s a firewall issue on the PC.

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yeah relaying was off bro you very smart and is right, firewall was set to public to this hotspot, i put private and it started to work thanks !

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