Help! Can't reinstall on Synology NAS

Hi! I went to update Syncthing on my Synology and mid update, my Synology crashed/rebooted. Now when I try to reinstall it, it gives me this error message. If anyone can help, I’d really appreciate it! I tried to reach out to Synology but since Syncthing is a third party app, they won’t help me. Thanks!

The port being “undefined” seems like the problem, but I don’t know where that comes from. Maybe some Synology expert hangs around, otherwise I’d suggest maybe uninstalling and reinstalling…

Thanks, yeah I might try one of the Synology message boards. The issue is that it thinks it’s uninstalled which I believe is creating the port error, so uninstalling/reinstalling doesn’t appear to be an option. I’ll keep tinkering!


Have a look in /var/packages/syncthing - there may be some residual nonsense hanging around in here which should have been uninstalled. Try ssh’ing in and remove anything left in here.

If this doesn’t help, try looking around the SynoCommunity Github Issues page: - I’ve had some useful help on there.


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