Hello, how to make the local folder not manage the local?

Hello, how to make the local folder not manage the local? I am sorry to write through the translator. If the virus enters the server and deletes the main synchronization folder and the entire cluster of computers synchronizes with time, then all the information will be erased! How to set up to have another item in sync, not only send receive, send, receive, BUT AND CLONING! Ie, if the global file was changed, then a synchronized copy was created and not deleted, and if the file was deleted on the main one, so that the file would remain during synchronization. Yes, all this needs a lot of space, but I’ll be sure that the virus will not delete my photo archives and other very important information. Thanks in advance for the answer.

You can put … a) the file versioner on to keep backups of deleted files (will not help in all cases) b) add a backup server (new separate node) with your folders receive only and a cronjob set to start synching once per week, once per month, etc. This will give you more time to observe the negative impact, stay your backup node disconnected and recover from it later. c) I recommend this as "fitting best for backup instead of syncing: sync all your folders as described in b) to a separate node. Let this node e.g. make backups using another tool for snapshots, or rsync (or whatever) to another drive syncthing has no access to on a daily…weekly…monthly schedule and swap the drive (e.g. if you use usb hard drives…) To generate generations of your data. Using syncthing and something else for making the “real backup” is a win win Situation from my point of view. Most important: Monitor your network for strange activity going on. Try the hold an offline or off-site backup, too to have more safety net just in case a disaster happens.

Remember: syncthing is for syncing, not backups but can be part of a backup plan

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