Having Problems with Syncthing

I’ve had a lot of issues with syncthing… one of the most problematic was today, I suddenly saw my main pc auto updgraded to a new syncthing version and disconnect all devices and unshared the default folder which it moved from D:/Sync/ to D:/Users/me/Sync. Does anybody have similiar exps abd how could this be prevented?

I feel this path is more recommanded (x:\users\me\Sync) In my many setups I delete the “default” FolderShare on first run then I use its path (~\Sync or absolute path eg D:\Users<user>\Sync) as the default-directory-for-new-FolderShare, that is MyNewFolderShare will be created in X:\Users\Alice\Sync\MyNewFolderShare

For you it seems your Home folder changed which is a very rare event in a normal Windows configuration. Depending on what you really want, you can change the path for the Folder from the Syncthing’s Advanced menu.

You have to disable the automatic update of syncthing from the configuration file.

That seems like a terrible advice really. If you want to disable upgrades, better do that through the regular settings GUI. I doubt that disabling upgrades would help with your troubles, though. Better try to find out what’s going wrong and why, then solve the actual root cause.

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