Have to log into GUI on only one device despite no username or password set

Not very proficient with all

Trying to open syncthing gui on laptop leads to log in screen, despite no password or user set. Setting username and password does not help as will always say that details are incorrect. Works fine on laptop and on mobile. Am very confused.

Windows 11 on both desktop and laptop

How did you install Syncthing on that laptop? Did you use a “wrapper” like SyncTrayzor or Bill-Stewart/SyncthingWindowsSetup?

Sometime cache and cookies of your browser can cause the login issue. Try clearing your browser cache and cookies, then restart your browser and try accessing the syncthing again.

I installed syncthing seperately, but use synctrayzor. Using both synctrayzor’s built in syncthing library and my own executable and doesn’t work on either. Have also tried clearing browser cookies, cache and the like as mentioned, to no avail