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hi, new user , used to use resilio but now i want to use this. i have it set up on my win 10 comp and on my android oreo8 samsung s9. i have 3 folders …2 that go from android to comp and 1 that goes from comp to android. finally figured out how to set these up and they all work as they should. my issues is that android syncthing runs all the time but windows syncthing does not, which defeats the purpose, as i might as well sync via usb cable. so how do i get Syncything to work all the time in win 10. i am not a programmer , so a step by step answer would be great. my comp is on 24/7.

hope there is an easy answer, many thanks

Hi Bob,

“Syncthing does not run all the time” is a bit vague. I believe you are using Syncthing core which stops working when you close your command prompt mistakenly, where SyncTrayzor might be more friendly for many end users.

Try Syncthing tray utility on win10: https://github.com/canton7/SyncTrayzor/releases/tag/v1.1.21

Hope this helps. If you are referring to something else please share some screenshots with us and we might be able to help you better.


Hi Bob

In Windows, any executable file that Windows finds in the following folder when Michael logs into his account is run.

c:\users\Michael\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

Create any file with an extension of .bat for instance SyncFileStartup.bat

In the following instructions replace Michael with your username and c:\path with the name of the directory containing syncthing.exe

To ensure that Windows has not created a file with a .txt file extension I suggest the following long-winded method.

tap the Windows key type cmd tap the return key

This will open a command prompt (Often called a DOS box)

type cd c:\users\Michael\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup tap the return key

type notepad SyncFileStartup.bat tap the return key

This will open notepad to create & edit the new file

type c:\path\syncthing.exe -no-browser -no-console

On the menu bar select file then save. On the menu bar select file then exit to close the window.

I have tried to write these instructions as I used to for non-technical PC users in the 1980s.

thanks for the replies… michael i tried your method and restarted my comp and nothing happened , if i did it right what would i see … would synthing start up my browser and goto its home page? also do i set up the .bat first and then continue with -no browser -no console part. sorry i am not a programmer.

thanks for your help

a little more info , the SyncfileStartup.bat is in the windows startup file per your instructions

forgive , i think i see my mistake . i did not have the correct path in the bat file and restarted and syncthing is now running in the task manager .

many thanks for your help , sorry again for my replies , it takes me sometime time figure it all out

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