have a couple of question

  1. is there a way to make a file sync one way? like i only want 1 of my text to be read only when on other device (mobile). meaning no modifications
  2. whenever i sync with mobile it always has like conflict file and im pretty sure i havent really modified the file. i only viewed the file on my mobile
  3. is there a way to maintain file integrity?
  4. what are my options for encryptions? does syncthing play well with other encryption software like rclone, cryptomator or veracrypt?
  5. how is syncthing when synching over cloud with normal files, encrypted files or encrypted container

anyone can help?

I think these things have been discussed previously and you should be able to find answers by searching. If not, asking questions with a more narrow scope is likely to get better answers – and require less effort from the answerer.

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