Has anyone had experience with asustor NAS?


My current “server”(truthfully a 15 year old lenovo machine, with a 25k hour HDD with 7400 start stop counts) is making me uneasy. I am interested in replacing it with a lower maintenance NAS solution and I was thinking about asustor.

Has anyone had any experience with them and syncthing? Is there anything that would be a deal-breaker?

Thank you!

You can do a search here for Asustor threads to get some feeling. (No personal experience.)

Generally speaking NASes tend to be “odd” and manifest more unusual problems with Syncthing than a normal computer.

With some rules, it means a base Ignore list and setting of Ignore of permissions for each peer Syncthing is running very smoothly on all my Synology NAS´s. Currently I have no problems with this NAS´s and also with connected Windows and Android clients.

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I’ve got syncthing running on three solaris/omnios-server and as Andy stated the only issue that might cause some initial problems are file/directory permissions.

It is usually a good idea to run syncthing under a dedicated syncthing-user-account which is member of the user-group that will access the synced files. Due to the nature of the SMB-server all windows-user have to be mapped to a unix-user. Here it is important to understand that syncthing is running as local service with unix-like file permissions, while network users will access the directories via SMB. Thus managing access rights via ACLs is the only way to make sure that everything works as expected. Therefore one would connect to the unix-NAS as root and set the permissions via window’s permissions (properties/security).

Bottomline - syncthing on a unix-like OS runs rock-solid, but demands from the user more skills and knowledge about the OS than on windows!

Dear Lampos,

Thank you very much for your reply.

I have made a decision: I will replace the machine I have with another one, install my regular debian stable and set everything up. My wife gave me permission to buy a 2 bay asustor nas so I will get that and play with it and see where it goes.