Has anyone ever tried to use Syncthing + Pydio?

I have been using Syncthing in our small office for years now, 0 problems, very happy.

However with the office growing, our needs are changing. We need to share files, but also assing permisions (Read / Write), roles, groups, easy versioning, etc etc.

My current plan is using Nextcloud + Syncthing.

  • Nextcloud would be used for file sharing in the office.
  • Syncthing for backing up and mirroring the files to another server outside the place.

I have been reading a lot about the possible integration of this 2 apps, and my main issues:

  • I could be running into issues by the syncthing client writing files directly in the nextcloud server directories. First, nextcloud wont notice the changes unless i run manual / cron checks. Secondly, i might have permissions errors as the users of nextcloud and syncthing could not be the same (I havent tested this yet, i think i might be ok since im running both in LinuxServer docker images, where you can define an specific user for the container).
  • If you use the trick of external storage monitoring in nextcloud in a certain folder that its also watched by syncthing, you loose important functionality in the nextcloud side (No versioning, no undoing of file deletes, and the GUI on the webserver gets more complicated for the users).

So in my experience its not a clean integration, feels sketchy to me.

  • Seafile is not ever in question as they use an special database for your data.

So i ended up finding a comment from another user in this forum, talking about Pydio. Apparently Pydio wont be affected by directly accessing the files in the server. As i mention, i would use this app as the main filesharing service and making Syncthing the app for sending the data to our secundary server.

  • So have anyone tested this?
  • Could be pydio a reliable tool for this?. A lot of people complain about Nextcloud instability and problems with larger files. Maybe pydio its better at this?. ( Btw my usecase is <20 users and not a lot of files, around 50-80GB between all of us)

Thanks a lot for any tips on this!