Has anyone considered "FUSE" functionality?

Might make life easier if things were more isolated from existing filesystem. Of course depends on use case.

There was a syncthing-fuse project that someone worked on.

It’s not maintained anymore however.

So, do you think there are valid arguments against it?

If not, I might try to poke at it.

not sure what you mean by against it.

I guess if your question is how you think it should be integrated, I think you should start by resurrecting that separate application and get it to a working state. Given the feature is only usable on a unix, and doesn’t need half of the bells and whistles that exist in syncthing, so it makes sense to start externally.

Once it’s mature, I guess it could be moved to syncthing itself.

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There is at least one library that does FUSE functionality on windows. Whether it uses FUSE itself, I don’t recall.

Let me try to dig up the project you were talking about and I’ll ask for directions if I can’t find it.

This guy here, right?

yeah that’s the one I’m refering to. There is no fuse for windows, there is Dokan for windows, but that’s not fuse, requires a custom kernel driver, etc, hence not very usable.

Yeah, in addition to Dokan there is winfsp which has the same drawback. I should read more.