Hardware requirements

This is a sequel to my earlier issue, as reported in Recent appearance of Connection Error message

As the data has been loaded onto the Pi which was buckling at the knees under the strain has increased, the system has ground to a halt.

I fully accept that this has been due to my lack of understanding of the implications of using low power hardware (in both senses of the word!) for a task which is beyond it. We live and learn.

My suggestion is this - might some hints be offered on the documentation pages as to minimum hardware requirements? To the expert developer and experienced user, these things might be obvious. But the novice can be surprised, and even disappointed, and perhaps look elsewhere. I don’t think that is what the community wants or intends, so offer my experience for what it is worth.


Which pi do you use? If it’s the original one, the described behaviour might be possible, though in the past (with earlier versions) I and many others used syncthing on their original pis, struggling with issues that have since been resolved. I nowadays run syncthing on a low power arm device, its performance is somewhere between a pi 2 and pi 3 I’d say. It syncs roughly 1 Tb, though it also has 2gb of ram… Works like a charm albeit a bit slow

Three machines, all Pi 2s. One in particular is has seized up completely and reports:

scanning 0% & out of sync 11,647 items = 6.75 GB

From my earlier thread you will notice that such statistics as I have managed to report cause a response along the lines that one cannot expect more of low-power devices, so I must assume this to be the root of my problems.

But thanks for the response, and I am glad it all works for you!


No, it should work, albeit possibly not very quickly. But there was a deadlock. Try the latest dev version, linked at the top of this page.

Thank you! I will try it - but the two sites concerned are not directly accessible to me, so I shall need to talk at least one non-technical person through the installation process - what fun! :slight_smile:

I seem to have succeeded here with wget https://build.syncthing.net/job/syncthing/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/syncthing_0.14.10+11-g6ec9b84_armhf.deb followed by sudo apkg -i !$ and restarting syncthing.

If this sounds correct to you (and forgive me, I am a reluctant system administrator!) then I can talk my Winodws-using friend through the process on his Pi!

Again, thanks,


48611 items, ~93.7 GiB on a raspberry pi 1 (512MB RAM version) and raspberry pi 2.

It is slow, but especially since the release of delta index it works pretty well when not deadlocking as mentionend (300-800 KB/s on pi1, 1-2MB/s on pi2, not really measured but that’s what I usually observe).

Slow we can manage, as the aim is to have an off-site ‘mirror’. Deadlock renders the attempted solution using Pi useless, meaning we would need to do something else.


My installation attempt would seem to have ‘bricked’ syncthing. Have I simple-mindedly overwritten the config files with defaults? I’m gonna love explaining this to non-command-line users! :slight_smile:

The packages don’t include any default settings. You upgrade the exact same way you installed from the beginning, then restarting.

Well, it came to life, thankfully!

I am still receiving:

Syncthing seems to be experiencing a problem processing your request. Please refresh the page or restart Syncthing if the problem persists.

which makes it very hard to monitor performance.


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