hard links (mac os - android)

hi, really like syncthing, but getting tripped by links. when i try to sync linked files from a mac (10.8.5) to android (4.4.4), one of two things happen. mac aliases and symlinks get ignored, and hard links (generated by $ link [/original] [/lnk]) get corrupted after sync. when corrupted, hard link files become the same size, regardless of size of original. curiously, link files become different sizes depending on type (doc, pdf, …). is this a bug, or am i missing something? thanks.

Symlinks should more or less work, subject android allows them.

Hardlinks should be treated just like normal files as far as I am aware. It could be that Android is exposing hardlinks as some magic files which aren’t actually inode-like hardlinks causing this strange corruption. (I wouldn’t be surprised, another wierdness that exists is that you cannot chtime on the sd card for example).

I’d be interested to see the content of the so called corrupted file. I guess you can run syncthing with a bit more logging to figure out what’s happening and who is causing the corruption.

Hard links should be invisible to us - we’ll simply see it as separate files with the same content. And we never modify files in place, so there should be no corruption. We will however un-hardlink them (i.e. the end result will be separate files) if there is a change to sync.