handling index for nonexistent folder

The moment I click resume on my computer it takes a while and the error restarts, when I go to the folder and look at the logs that generated it has this line that shows the error M7JUD] 15:45:57 WARNING: Index for nonexistent folder “9wnwx-a6xtp” Panic at 2019-10-22T15:45:57-03:00

the first picture and the computer I want was already syncing the second picture and my computer It was thursday this started they were already synchronizing before

panic: handling index for nonexistent folderHOSPITAL SERVIDOR

panic-20191022-154557.reported.log (198.9 KB)


Please share Screenshots from both sides and explain what you tried to setup.

Also full logs would be useful to understand around what time this happens.

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