handling a changing drive letter (windows)

Preface: I have a brain but am an utter windows newbie

On a windows 10 machine someone uses an external drive to sync. ‘Sometimes’ the mounted drive letter changes in the operating system, eg from D:\ to E:. The contents are the same obviously, including the Syncthing folder. (The reason for this is unknown to me, as the D:\ letter appears to be unused at the time of plugging in - and thereafter)

Apparently there is a way in windows to use volume-id’s using the syntax


As the circumstances with this aforementioned “someone” are very difficult, I’d rather check in advance if this works, and if it is a Good Idea or the opposite.

Thanks in advance,

Yeah, you can access volumes no problem like that.

I would suggest using mountvol.exe from the command line to get all the paths at once, e.g.

> mountvol.exe

Possible values for VolumeName along with current mount points are:

        *** NO MOUNT POINTS ***


Thank you very much tomasz!

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