Hi, I am using an android phone and several macs. The main I’d like to do is sync the photos / screenshots I take on my phone with all the macs. Is this doable? Any guidance would be good?

Sure, you should just install Syncthing on all devices first, then on Android add /sdcard/DCIM/Camera (should already be present by default) and /sdcard/Pictures/Screenshots as two separate folders to Syncthing, then share them with Syncthing on the Macs. Once added, you can also share them between the Macs themselves.

If this is your first use of Syncthing, just please keep in mind that it performs proper synchronisation, i.e. all files are physically present on all devices. It’s not like Dropbox and many others that on Android only support viewing and downloading files on demand.

Please check if you haven’t already.

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