GUI theme does not work

I seem to be locked into the Dark theme - no matter how much I try to set the theme to light/default/whatever or C-r or C-f5, it doesn’t change.

This started when I changed the firefox theme to Dark. I like Dark in the evening and Light or default in the daytime.

It was cool that the Syncthing GUI changed to Dark automatically when I changed the firefox theme to Dark - but uncool that it doesn’t change back to Light!!

I’m using firefox-80 on fedora-31.

I think it’s usually Ctrl+Shift+F5. You need to save the theme before you refresh. Does the theme setting get saved in the ui, so stays set to light after refresh?

According to Mozilla* Refresh is C-r and Reload (override cache) is C-f5 or C-S-r

Anyways - nothing seems to help!!! Not even kill firefox & re-start.


You only answered part of my reply, so I am not sure I can help. Also, try a different browser or disabling all plugins.

Ah - sorry - yes, I saved the theme.

I tried chrome - syncthing starts off as light (default). If I set the syncthing theme to dark - nothing happens!

OK - think I see what my problem is. I tried futzing with the gtk-3 theme using lxappearance and both firefox and chrome follow the gtk-3 theme (light or dark). So that’s nice and understandable and probably proper behaviour.

Thanks for the hints and kicks in the right direction!

EDIT: I just tried it again (lxappearance) and neither chrome nor firefox are following my changes even on C-f5. Sigh! Back to square one.

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