GUI similar to nextcloud recommendation


I would like to use syncthing in similar way like nextcloud for file sharing. All connection will be done via wireguard (I don’t want publish syncthing TCP port on internet).

Can you recommend gui similar to nextcloud client for linux and windows ?

I have tested synctrayzor but for details it is opening internal browser web page instead of qt gui for example. Is something like this available ?

Can you post a screenshot of the GUI that you would like to see? Many people, including myself, have never used Nextcloud, so it’s difficult to imagine what you’re looking for exactly.

File sharing itself isn’t really implemented in Syncthing though, as the program operates on devices and folders, and you cannot share just a folder without adding a device first.

For example on windows:

On left side menu you have Nextcloud item with all shared directories. Green icon on bottom left corner shows that directory is up to date and do issues during sync… This functionality is similar wit tortoise SVN/GIT. If you right click on folder there is Nextcloud menu where you can share/unshare/set permissions/etc.

Then we have trayicon:

All notifications are shown as popup messages and you can see full history of modifications (who did what).

I’m afraid there is no one-stop solution for what you want. When it comes to the tray icon, you can use as a lighter alternative to SyncTrayzor. To add a custom entry to the Explorer tree, you can follow Of course, this will only add a folder tree with an icon but no custom menus.

I don’t think there’s any solution that adds the fancy folder/file icons though (and especially updates them according to their current status).

I have a separate directory for all folders on my Windows computers. So if there is a tool to pin such a root directory in this way, that would actually already be a solution for it. Whether one has such icon effects now or later, is then perhaps first of all not so important.

I like this icon effects because they show you the current status.

For example last week I had issues with syncing photos. One directory had space character in the end of directory name. It was correctly synced between linux computers but not on windows pc. I was loking into main linux server and syncthing there shown no issues. Then I accidently opened synctrayzor on windows PC and there was info about sync issue due to space in directory name which is not allowed (in internal web browser, synctrayzor trayicon shown nothing about this issue). This photos was originaly synced from android btw.

So that is why I would like to have this icons - to give info to non technical person about syncing progress (green=OK, red=issue and contact me)

Yeah, the problem is that those icons are likely quite difficult to implement, plus they’re operating system-specific, which means separate implementation for Windows, macOS, and possibly each of the popular Linux desktop environment / file managers. You will need someone that really cares about them and knows both the OS and Syncthing very well to work on such an implementation.

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