GUI - move Pause All/Rescan All/Add Folder buttons to the top of the Folders list

Small GUI feature request - could the buttons in the Folders section (Pause All/Rescan All/Add Folder) be moved to the top of the Folders list rather than the bottom?

With a long-enough list of synced folders, you have to scroll down to get access to these buttons - they would be much handier at the top of the list where no scrolling would be required.

It looks ugly, atleast to me. You can just press the end key.

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I think there’s a separate, valid, case for improving the GUI in the case of lots of folders or devices. It’s an unusual setup, but once there’s hundreds of them the GUI becomes rather crap. Having that section page itself or have a search fields would help, and put the buttons still within reach.

Another option could be to allow grouping of folders in the GUI?

I’m not sure how other people use it, but I have a few folders that are related to our family business, and a few that are more for just the personal devices within my house. Grouping with a plus button to toggle collapsing the group could reduce the length of the page without massive changes. It’s a low priority idea though.

A ticket for that exists. It could be based by namic folders in a specific way.