GUI isn't rendered properly


I installed the Syncthing server V0.14.52 on my Odroid HC2 NAS with Arch Linux ARM, configured Syncthing to run as a SystemD system service under a separate user.

I gave the user it’s own home directory in /opt/syncthing. Syncthing runs fine except for the GUI. The GUI is shown to the clients, but it’s not properly rendered (see screenshot). I tried to figure out where I could find the logs of the GUI (since the SystemD service doesn’t show much info about this), but I couldn’t find it.

Kind regards, Dylan

Try refreshing the page or check vrowser developer tools why it can’t find assets. If you have some sort of proxy setup, that could be whats causing it.

Thanks! For some unknown reason, it works now! A reboot and a refresh seems to do the job.

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