GUI grayed out? Unable to access the GUI and edit folders

Sorry if this is a stupid question, as I am a newbie! After resolving conflicts (prompted by the software), my GUI became permanently grayed out (see images) in both computers that are syncing files between them. Both run Windows 10. The desktop is a AMD FX-8320 with 16Gb of RAM and the server is a small Atom 2.1GHz with 4Gb of RAM. They are in the same network, with a TP-Link Gigabit Switch and the Arris modem/switch between them. The behavior persists after rebooting both computers. When opened in a external web browser, the GUI still works as expected, but I am having a hard time setting up a new folder to sync (at demonstrated in the server’s screen image). Any ideas are very welcome! I love this software! :slight_smile:

I cannot click in the “add” button to setup the syncing of this folder “Install”. It does not show up in the web GUI.

I don’t use synctrazor so I can’t help you with that but if you open the GUI in a web browser you should be able to add the folder.


Without the notification you can add the folder as normal just use the folder ID that is displayed in synctrazor.

Thank you for the quick reply. Do you mind telling me where in the web GUI I find the invitation to share a folder, sent by another computer? Thank you!

You were to quick for me.

Thank you!

If anyone knows how to return access to the SyncTrayzor GUI, it will be very much appreciated.

@canton7 is the developer of synctrazor. He should be able to help.

Weird, i’ve never seen that before. Does it happen straight away when SyncTrayzor starts? Did it used to work in the past, or could a syncthing upgrade have caused it? It looks like the overlay which appears when you open a modal dialog in syncthing…

Can you open an issue, and post you log file? (My email’s on my github profile page if you don’t want to post it publicly).

I’m away on business for a few days, so I might not be very responsive I’m afraid…

I just started using syncthing, I don’t use synctrazor, I notice this same problem on google chrome browser. Perhaps it is a problem in the web page. I hope it is fixed soon.

When you see this in the browser, does clearing the cache and doing a full reload have any effect? There were a number of changes to how modals are handled, and could be an issue with caching somewhere perhaps…

After clearing the cache and reloading the page the problem is still there. If I right click on the page in google chrome and select “inspect” the grey area is represented by the code: <div class="modal-backdrop in"></div>. If I right click that code and select “hide element” then the grey dissappears and the page behaves normally.

So both you and (I think?) SyncTrayzor is using Chrome, but it works fine for me in Chrome so now sure what the issue might be here. Although it’s quite clearly related to the modal restructuring.

Maybe it only happens under certain conditions. Is the web page trying to show a message to the me but isn’t able to? The problem is happening on 2 out of 3 pc’s here; a windows xp machine and a linux pc. Another linux pc is okay.

Yes, that’s it. I can reproduce it on a test box. Need to figure out what that dialog is…

It’s the usage reporting modal that pops up. For some reason this seems to happen before the modal is available or something, but I’m not sure why (I don’t know Angular well enough). This works around it for me, but I’m not sure how reliable or appropriate of a “solution” it is:

diff --git a/gui/default/syncthing/core/syncthingController.js b/gui/default/syncthing/core/syncthingController.js
index f9214c9..3df90bd 100755
--- a/gui/default/syncthing/core/syncthingController.js
+++ b/gui/default/syncthing/core/syncthingController.js
@@ -221,7 +221,9 @@ angular.module('syncthing.core')
                     document.cookie = "firstVisit=" + + ";max-age=" + 30 * 24 * 3600;
                 } else {
                     if (+firstVisit < - 4 * 3600 * 1000) {
+                        setTimeout(function () {
+                        }, 0);

@norgeous or someone else who knows Angular well is welcome to chime in :slight_smile:

(It’s not like the popup comes directly from inside the init code; this is in the handler for a response to a HTTP get that is fired after initialization… I thought JavaScript was supposed to not have race conditions and so on due to it’s single threaded nature :rolling_eyes:)

I filed it:

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