GUI: Automatic Upgrades: Unavailable/Disabled by administrator or maintainer


I think I’m having the same trouble as in this post:

where the GUI says automatic upgrades are “Unavailable/Disabled by administrator or maintainer”. In response, I have manually set config.xml to read

<configuration version="27">

so hopefully this will create my desired behavior, but the GUI still says it’s disabled as per the subject line.

More info:

Syncthing v0.14.46, Linux (64 bit) on Linux Mint xfce.

Note when I started, the interval was originally set to 0. Today I started at v0.14.45, the GUI manual upgrade didn’t work, I uninstalled and reinstalled via apt-get (gave me the latest version, saved my original config), updated config.xml as above, and the GUI still said auto upgrades are disabled by administrator.

Will post an update if I notice anything weird.

Cheers, Jack

If you install via apt-get, Syncthing does not upgrade itself - i.e. in your case “Unavailable” is true. The package manager apt-get does the installing/upgrading.

I think it also does this if the upgrade server is unreachable. Post the output of syncthing -version and we can tell either way.

Ah! Sensible, thanks! -Jack

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