Grey save button

After playing a little bit around I cannot save changes on my directories via the web-gui. The save-button is grey and not activateable. What could be the reason?

I renamed the folder C:\Users\Uwe\AppData\Local\Syncthing---- to let syncthing install from scratch. (Are there other directories or files that must be deleted before a new installation?)



This was a bug in v0.9.7, upgrading to v0.9.8 should fix it.

Hm, I use 0.9.8 on all my devices … Can I help to solve the issue with some informations?

I tried to delete all repositories on all my devices, deleted and created one new (as ‘default’), but the same problem occures.

I get these messages (WIN 8.1):

9:07:08: Failed to create UPnP port mapping

9:07:10: Unexpected repository ID “default” sent from node “freenas.local”; ensure that the repository exists and that this node is selected under “Share With” in the repository configuration

At last, I reinstalled syncthing on Windows 8.1 and got the same problem. (Yes, I deleted the folder C:\Users\Uwe\AppData\Local\Syncthing first and let it create again by syncthing.)

At very last I think, I got the problem: I have changed the rescan-intervall a little bit and then got back to the value 60 - and now I can save! The former grey button is now activatable!



This should be fixed now: