Got it working here

got it working. But it took way too long.

For somereason I started out with “git clone” of your github repo. running your script (i’m an idiot) wasted an hour trying to fix errors.

then after giving up on your repo, i didn’t understand that you have to add the Node Id to the second syncthing and vice-versa. Maybe you should add the vice-versa to the documentation page.

anyhow. Ty for the software!

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When you add a node through the GUI, there is a note underneath the Node ID field saying:

When adding a new node, keep in mind that this node must be added on the other side too.

Is that not prominent enough? Or were you hand editing the config.xml?

take a look to:

Yeah, this should be more friendly. Especially given that it’s a two step “add” now - you need to both create the node on the other side, and share the repository with it…