Google Summer of Code 2016 Ideas

I was thinking we could post an application to GSoC this year.

Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is a global program that matches students up with open source, free software and technology-related organizations to write code and get paid to do it! The organizations provide mentors who act as guides through the entire process, from learning about the community to contributing code. The idea is to get students involved in and familiar with the open source community and help them to put their summer break to good use.


For this, there needs to be a list of ideas that students can choose from. I have some, below. Add yours as well, I’ll aggregate and curate.


I would be happy to see these guys emerge:

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@calmh: What about your delta indexes stuff? Is that one close to be finished, or is that a candidate for GSoC 2016 as well?

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Something in between. I’ll have another look at that one once I’ve completed the stuff I’m working on now. It needed a couple of final adjustments that I thought were annoying and onerous at the time but things may have cleared up since.

Leave this for me. I plan to work on this (essentially adding that utp lib we found) once the temp indexes get merged.


Golang support for Android Storage Access Framework. Might be out of scope, but would be really helpful for Android.

Also, a Syncthing implementation in the JVM.


I am Shashank, student from India. I would like to work with Syncthing for GSOC 2016. Please help me get started.

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Did I get it right, when I say we missed application for the Google Summer of Code 2016?

Yep. I didn’t have the time or energy to deal with it. Sorry.