Goodbye Syncthing

Dear Syncthing community,

When I started an Android app for Syncthing in 2014 ago, I never thought that I would still work on this app four years later. And I never thought that over 100.000 people would eventually download this app.I learned a lot during this time, like programming and maintaining a software project. Even more, I learned how much effort goes into an open source project like this, and how difficult this is to do on a volunteer basis.

But now, I won’t be able to work on the Syncthing apps any more. I am soon going on an extended vacation, without a proper laptop, and probably without internet access for some time. Right now I have no idea what I will do after this vacation, or even where I will live. That’s why I am stepping down as the maintainer of the Syncthing Android apps. I will keep using Syncthing, and I will be around in case there are any questions about the existing apps.

As for the existing projects Syncthing Android, Syncthing Lite, and Syncthing Java, I hope that someone (or multiple people) will step up and take over maintaining them. I will then hand over all the signing keys and logins. We can also move the apps to a new Google Play account.

Felix Ableitner


Hi Felix, I’m really sad to hear that, as you have been such a pillar of the community. You helped countless people by creating / taking over the Android apps, answering countless questions, hunting down bugs and weighing in on tickets. Free time is the most valuable currency in the hectic age we live in. Knowing that makes me really appreciate all the time and effort you put into this project. Thank you very much for that!

But it also sounds like you have exciting times going ahead which may be a defining phase in your life. For that I wish you all the best. I hope you will have some great adventures and that you may find whatever you are looking for by taking those steps. It’s been a joy having you as part of the community.


I 've never used the android nor the other projects you mentionned, but as a user, I would like to thank you, and by the way, the other devs too, for your job, part of this greater project I’m using too.

Thanks ! Wish you the best,



So long, @Nutomic, and thanks for all the fish - we’ll miss you. I hope you’ll emerge from your vacation happier and wiser and with new purpose. You’re always welcome back when you get bored. :slight_smile:


Have a good journey man. We wish you the best. And many thanks for all your work.

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Extended vacation without internet - sounds like a really good time!
I wish you all the best for that and anything else you will be doing afterwards. Thanks a lot for all the effort you put into the project. You will leave a gap, lets hope someone will pick up on it. Especially with the huge effort you put into syncthing-lite/-java making it a solid basis for a great mobile alternative.




Thanks for your hard work, which has helped me keep a little part of my life synchronised. Best regards for the future! ^5



Sorry to see you go, but best wishes in your future adventures. You saved my bacon so many times with the Android app over the years - I really appreciated it. Thanks!

By many measures, Android is the world’s most popular OS. I am respectfully appealing to the community to consider how we can add ST-Android to the core development process, rather than as a distant relative.


@Nutomic Thanks for all your time & effort in maintaining the Syncthing Android release & your swift support in this forum. :slight_smile: I’ll be sticking with your v0.10.2 for as long as I can.


Thank you, @Nutomic! You, along with the Syncthing team, have made a cloudless existence possible. In a world where privacy is so easily sacrificed for convenience, you’ve provided a value beyond words.


@Nutomic Thank you for the app, it has been really useful. I with you the best for your vacation.

Sounds like a good idea :+1:



If you don’t hear back from anyone in reference to maintaining Syncthing for Android let me know. Would be happy to take over releasing the app on Google Play and cover small costs incurred. This being said cannot code so would only be releasing changes that others submit and facilitating contact with Google to ensure that the app isn’t rejected like it currently is/ recently was so another maintainer is very likely to be optimal. However would gladly ensure the app does not die and continues to receive updates that others help write if no one else steps up.


Thanks for building the only application that runs on my phone, every single day, without me having to worry about it. I think you were/are a great maintainer of software and I hope to see you again in the future!

Have a good one!


You’ve been contributing to Syncthing since at least early 2014, the days of Syncthing 0.8. Thanks for all of the many hours you’ve sunk into this project! Making something which so many people use can be a huge drain, but it’s also a huge achievement. Enjoy your break, good luck in whatever you end up doing, and thanks!


Thanks for everything you’ve done, we appreciate your hard work and dedication!!

If you don’t find someone,I’ll take it on. I don’t have much spare time, but would rather dedicate what I can to keep it active then let it die.


Enjoy your break, All the best (Y)


Its always a little bit sad, when a developer quits his projects, but its always a great thing, when a human decides to walk his path in life! So long and a lot of adventures and experiences :wink:



Thx for your work! I think you pushed syncthing forward a lot and helped a lot of people.


Thanks for your work and contribution. Enjoy your new life.