Go for Visual Studio Code - Windows Go "IDE"?

There’s a new Go plugin for Microsoft’s (now open source) Code editor. It looks quite nice. I think the choice of development environments on Windows has been fairly limited so far, so this may be something to check out for those of you who’re into that sort of thing. :wink:

(It also works on Mac and Linux but we already had a bunch of good editors on those platforms.)

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I’ve gotten used to LiteIDE and it seems to work on all platforms.

I’ve actually tried this out now, and it’s a superior experience to Sublime Text + GoSublime on Mac, which I would not have expected. Specifically the completion, “peek definition” on functions and methods, “find all references” and “rename symbol” things are quite neat.

The Eclipse isn’t good choice? i have config it in the ubuntu and windows OS ! this blog is how to config it in the ubuntu: http://blog.csdn.net/sunylat/article/details/49884541 after soon , i will write another blog that show how to config it in windows !

So I am trying to set this up in Windows but it looks like I cannot debug Go code in it. There is another plugin (delve) needed for the Go plugin in order to perform the debugging part. Well ironically Windows is the one platform not supported yet by delve.

Still I like the look and thank you for sharing this. I hope to see it working soon as I am still struggling to get Go, Git and Eclipse all working well on Windows. It doesn’t help much that I am both a Git and Eclipse newbie (my limited programming is with VS + C# and some Netbeans and Java). Learning how to import git repos and setup Eclipse is a lot to take in for me.

Previously my newbish idea of debugging was to take a python or VB script was to use a well placed “print variable & pause” statement. And lather rinse repeat until fixed. :wink:

This is essentially what I do. Minus the “pause”. I’m not super convinced a debugger is the right tool anyway when dealing with concurrent programs.