Global Discovery Servers for Syncthing v0.13

Just looking for a bit of clarification since I can’t seem to find the answer browsing around here or the discosrv repo. Syncthing v0.13 and later use a new global discovery protocol. Is that supported by the discosrv master branch or the v13 branch? The code in the master branch seems to have references to v13 separate from those in the v13 support branch, so I’m not sure which to look into. As an aside to those involved with it more intimately, is there a planned release for discosrv (v0.13 or summat) planned for the immediate future (like the next few days) or will that come at a later point? Just to know whether it’s better to work with the master/v13 branches directly or just to hang tight a little bit for some new official release. Thanks.

It’s the master branch. Not sure about the release. I guess we will, just not sure when. Open an issue on the discosrv repo as a reminder.

I’ve posted a release with binaries.


Are there any changes in discovery protocol with 0.13 release? Any plans for updating docs if so?

The magic has for local discovery has changed, as well as the relays have been merged with addresses.

Global discovery the URL has changed, and relays merged with addresses.

I’ll update the docs in the evening if nobody beats me to it.

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Great, quite easy to update, thanks!