Global Changes in Syncthing

First, big thanks to Audrius for mentioning the REST API! It is so simple and easy to use and I really enjoy interfacing syncthing with php/mysql

I was curious if there is a specific syntax in collecting “Global Changes” so I could then store this data elsewhere in a database for easy lookup?

Looking for a single GET like this:

“curl -X GET -H “X-API-Key: nopenopenope” http://ipofserver:8384/rest/events?type=GlobalChanges

Yes, I’ve looked at these pages:

Thanks! Andy

Yeah that event can produce a lot of content so I think it lives on a separate (seems like undocumented) endpoint. Best idea would be to backtracm what the UI code does.


With a little digging I produced a script that outputs an array with the last 1000 changes. Now to store the data!

Thanks, Andy