ghost folders in shares

Hi everybody

Synthing is installed on

  • a NAS ( doker ) : v1.27.4

  • laptop/fedora : v1.27.4

  • desktop/fedora : v1.27.4

  • laptop/windows 11 : v1.27.5

  • android 11 :v1.27.3

I’m sharing 3 folders on these 5 devices, but I’ve rebuilt a share on the android device :destroyed the share, then recreated the share with the same UID , and using the .stignore which was already present.

In the previous version of the share, the .stignore file was misconfigured ( still on android device ) :

!/ one_sub_Folder


I noticed the unwanted space and thus stopped the share, corrected .stignore, destroyed the share, destroyed content ( no other choice : folder was existing locally, but only with lowercases, and noway to correct it ) , re-created the share with same ID, but in “receive only mode”, and keeping the good .stignore file. after starting the folder sync, I could see all files in “one_sub_Folder” be restored in my android device.

But now, in web interface of android device ( and only here ) , all other syncthing devices are stuck with about 36,3Gb remaining, and nothing to see in “not synchronized item” popup in web interface of android device.

this sharing folder is approx 40gb, and “one_sub_Fold” subfoder about 9Gb.

I changed folder property to “send/receive” on android device, and could notice, that every change done either on android or other devices are well replicated.

So out of this “ghost” not synchronized files, everything seems to work.

Now how to clean that state ?

using --reset-delta or --reset-database ? but on which side ? if on android side , how to do that ?

[EDIT] Here is the solution :slight_smile:

  • remove foldershare from my android device ==> all other devices now are full synced on web interface : this confirms that problem was comming from that folder ( good luck to guess that without action history on all devices… )

  • unshare that folder on one other devices, save, and share it again, save… This is the best way I found to get a new notification about “a device wants to share folder” on my android device.

  • accept share, pause it, specify good folder ( android GUI ) , and check again the share for that folder on all other device. ( webGUI )

  • check exclusion from web interface => ok still here.

  • unpause share.

After a while, everything is now full synced on all devices.


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