Getting Syncthing-android 1.27.5

Syncthing-android 1.27.5 includes an important fix (this). That version was released five hours ago. It has yet to appear on F-Droid. Indeed the latest version that F-Droid offers is 1.27.3. Will 1.27.5 make it to F-Droid? If not, then, given that there seems to be a problem with distributing via Google Play (though I’ve lost my reference for that), I suppose that installing 1.27.5 involves ‘side-loading’ - yes?

fdroid releases take a while after the github release - it’s coming.

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I have found the Google Play problem mentioned here. And I discover that the reason 1.27.3 did not appear on F-Droid is that there was no (non-RC) release of 1.27.3.

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Simon: I’m beginning to wonder how long it is going to be! Do you have an estimate, please?

I have no clue, but can’t be long, there’s activity over there: metadata/com.nutomic.syncthingandroid.yml · master · F-Droid / Data · GitLab

It’s why I’ve completely given up on F-Droid. Grabbing it from Github is much faster and easier: Syncthing for Android v1.27.5

Please keep in mind that if you install from GitHub, you won’t get automatic updates, especially now that Syncthing is stuck on the old version in the Play Store.

Hi all

Just now I tried to install directly from Github. The process started well - I thought my phone would balk at the installation - but then I got a message saying that the installation cannot proceed because of a conflict with an existing package, i.e., the version installed already. And just recently I found that uninstalling Syncthing, on Android, removes all my Android settings. So, I, and I think others, are in a pickle - especially given the point that tomasz makes about automatic updates. How are we to get the new version of Syncthing, if F-Droid never gets it? But perhaps F-Droid will get it.

F-Droid is always late, sometimes more than usual if they need to make additional adjustments in order to built the package. Looking at the GitLab issue, it should probably be out in a few days at most.

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Good point. There are a million ways to get notified when a Github package has been updated. My personal favorite is to use the RSS feed feature (Release notes from syncthing-android) and generate a Pushover instant notification using Zapier.

@TKruzze: as I wrote already, and @tomasz86 elaborated upon, there can be downsides to installing from somewhere other than an Android store.

@imsodin, @tomasz86 , and all: it has been another five days, and Syncthing 1.27.5 is still not showing up for me on F-Droid; does it show up for anyone else, please?

At this point you don’t want 1.27.5 anyway, you want 1.27.6 which is better. :slight_smile:

I fully expect to have 1.27.6 by 2026!

I discovered ‘droifify’, installed it via F-Droid, found that it offered Syncthing I 1.27.5, and installed it. So that’s better. So, here’s a tip, people: use droidify.

Droid-ify is nice but just a different client for the f-droid repo. If you were able to find 1.27.5 on it, it’s also available in the regular client.