Getting QNAP NAS setup problem

I have already setup ST on 3 Windows machines along with my Synology NAS. Now, I’m trying to get it to work on my QNAP and I’m not getting anywhere. I suspect that it may be a permissions issue. I sign in to both NAS’s with the same User name and password. The Folder on the GUI for the QNAP indicates “Stopped” and the .stfolder has not been created in the sync target folder. Shared folders on QNAP’s seem to normally follow a folder path of :

/share/volume name/shared folder which I have set in the QNAP ST Gui.

Over on the Synology, ST creates a user called st-syncthing and, once you give that user permission, everything works as expected. I created that same user on the QNAP but with no success.

Does anyone with a QNAP NAS care to point me in the right direction please ?

Which model of QNAP and how is Syncthing currently installed on it?


I got the ST app from the QNAP Club via the QNAP Center. Both NAS’s are running Ver. 1.27.0

I got things to start moving along. I copied the .stfolder from the Synology to the QNAP and files and folders started to sync. I had some Ignore Patterns set on the Synology that were not also set on the QNAP and that seems to result in an out of sync situation. But, I have so few files and folders at play here, since this is a test, that I can see that everything that matters is being sync’d.

Lesson learned ? I have no idea. But, at least I now the pattern for the folder path on the QNAP for future use.

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