Getting custom https-cert to work on syncthing android

Is there a way for me to use a https-cert signed by my personal CA in syncthing? My custom https-cert.pem is breaking syncthing Android, and upon startup syncthing hangs with the logcat failure continuously repeating:

03-07 12:34:20.421 24771 24771 W PollWebGuiAvailableTask: Unexpected error while polling web gui
03-07 12:34:20.421 24771 24771 W PollWebGuiAvailableTask: error:1a000064:ECDSA routines:OPENSSL_internal:BAD_SIGNATURE

In order to recover I have to clear out the App storage for syncthing and start fresh with “generated” self-signed keys.

I am guessing the BAD_SIGNATURE is caused by syncthing not being able to trust my root CA (I did add the root CA to my trust store on my Pixel 8 running Android 14). Does that seem right? Or perhaps it doesn’t like the CN or SNI in the certificate? Any workaround?

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