get synchthings working on truenas with samba folders

every tutorial i look at is so different i cant seem to get anywhere. im trying to get syncthings to sync my files to a folder than i can then view on my laptop via sambra. but no matter what i do i cant seem to get it to modify something in the somba folder at all. i need so much help i dont even know what to ask.

It’s really a TrueNAS and Samba issue instead of a Syncthing one, however, there’s not enough detail to even know where to begin. For starters…

  • There are two editions of TrueNAS. Which one?
  • What type of device is going to be using Syncthing to sync files to the TrueNAS server? (e.g. Linux, macOS, Windows, Android, iOS…?)
  • How is Syncthing installed on the device syncing files to the TrueNAS server?
  • How Syncthing installed on the TrueNAS server?
  • What’s the setup like on the TrueNAS server in terms of users, permissions, etc.?
  • What’s your skill level with working with TrueNAS and/or Linux?
  • What’s your skill level with Docker? (If running Syncthing in a container.)

Your reply is most appreciated. i will try to answer:

  1. trueNas scale.
  2. 2 android phones and a windows laptop
  3. using the app on the phone. i was able to get a non-samba synchronization going, but i think it used appdata dataset and i am able to sync the files, but short of then syncronizing them back to another phone, i cant view or access them. so i was trying to use samba that i could also view the files listed on the windows computer.
  4. i used the install apps via the truenas sever, i guess theres other ways?
  5. i think this is the core of the issue because i cant make the syncthings user able to modify the samba files folder.
  6. i know almost nothing about linux, again most of the problem.
  7. i dont even know what docker does aside from it seems to run programs within it? is it like a sandbox app of sorts?

i found this guys video and will watch it when i get the chance and see if it helps me

So Debian Linux for the operating system and Docker/OCI containers for hosting apps.

What exactly are you trying to sync from your phone to your Windows laptop?

It sounds like your reason for using TrueNAS is to try to use Samba as a workaround for the sync problem. If so, don’t. It’s only going to over complicate things, especially since you’re still getting familiar with the various parts.

I highly recommend putting aside TrueNAS and focus on just one Android phone and the Windows laptop. Get those two devices connected via Syncthing before adding anything else to the mix.


You have to sort out the overlapping permissions in Windows, TrueNAS, the SMB/CIFS share provided by Samba and for the Docker/OCI container.

My only recommendation is that most video tutorials are designed to focus on a single task in as little time as possible, which is fine.

However, you’re trying to tackle too much all at the same time without a good enough foundation working individually with TrueNAS, Linux, Samba, Docker – and last but not least – Syncthing.

So first become comfortable with using Syncthing…

“Syncthing Made EASY” – (Date: Sep 18, 2022, Time: 00:28:29)

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