Get folder type

Hi, long time ago I shared a folder between a host of mine and the laptop of my mother.

I don’t remember if the folder was set as “send only” or not. Now I’m looking at the web interface of my host syncthing v1.18.2, Linux (64-bit Intel/AMD) and I can’t find the type of folder anywhere!

Where can i find this information?

Thank you.

The folder icon should be enough to know the type, but you can also click the “Edit” button, and then go to “Advanced” like this.

Thank you! I didn’t look in the advanced options :sweat_smile:

You can also click on the folder in the GUI (expand it) and look for a field “folder type”. It is present for most folder types, except send-receive I think.

Ok, my folder was “send and receive” but remote one was “send only”. I check connecting to the remote PC. So I couldn’t know form my synchting the type of the remote one.

Exactly. That is not possible.

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