German Translation

(Running v0.9.6 beta) Repository is translated as “Speicher”, which in German means “storage”. I don’t think that is an adequate translation for “repository”. I have no better one to offer, though. Maybe “Ablage”? I’d keep it as “Repository”, the word is known in German as well.

“Nodes” is sometimes taken as “Knoten” (node) and sometimes as “Rechner” (computer). Both are good, but I’d propose the consistent use of “Knoten”.

“Master Repo” is translated as “Hauptspeicher”, which is the German equivalent of “main storage”. Misleading. Again, I’d leave that as “Master Repo”, see above.

Very minor: “Pfad zum Speicher auf dem lokalem Rechner.” should be "Pfad zum Speicher auf dem lokalen Rechner.“ and "Wird erzeugt wenn es nicht existiert.” needs a comma "Wird erzeugt, wenn es nicht existiert."

Hi! I’m a bit new to the whole Transifex thing, but I think that hopping on there and creating a note/issue/something on the translation strings in question is the best way to get the attention of (and joining) the German translation team.

Or by all means discuss it here in German.

Hi, i’d suggest we discuss these little mistakes or new words directly at transifex -> It’s all about translation and we can find a solution with the other translators.