Generation of sync-conflict files, when only one side changes

I sometimes get sync-conflict files for files that are only modified in one device (I use Syncthing to regularly copy changing files to non-changing destinations as a initial first-level backup).

  • what happened: I got a sync-conflict file
  • what you expected to happen instead: no conflict file as just one device changed the file
  • any steps to reproduce the problem: don’t know but it regularly happens

Version Information

App Version: 0.14.48-dirty (f-droid)

We will need more details. This is so vague that I can’t even ask any specific questions, please just provide more general info about your setup and what exactly you do when it happens.

I’m sorry being so vague but I couldn’t see anything I could add. Let me describe my setup some more:

Laptop1 is running Fedora 27. Thunderbird is used to read email. Laptop2 is running Fedora 28. Thunderbird is not installed.

There is a Syncthing folder thunderbird to backup Laptop1’s ~/.thunderbird to Laptop2 (same path). Today, I found a conflict file in ~/.thunderbird.

This also happened in another folder.

Where’s the phone? I think there is an existing issue for this referring to the mtime stamps different on android than other os’es. related?

there is no phone involved in these conflicting files. Only 2 Fedora-powered laptops.

I am pretty sure that thunderbird stores some database’esque files in there, which are changing even if you are not actively using the application. I’ve already explained to you on github how to check what activity has happened which can then explain why the conflicts happened.

I tried syncing thunderbird dbs for backup on another device too at the beginning: It doesn’t work, because it uses multiple db files of which some are locked when thunderbird is running, thus I never got a full, consistent transmission.

If theres no phone involved, which version are you really on? 0.14.48-dirty (f-droid) does look like android…?

ok, I will stop doing that now. Thank you

Sorry, stupid copy/paste. Both laptops have 0.14.48.

See Syncing Email for discussion on sync Thunderbird profile. Works fine if you are careful about closing the application and leaving sufficient time for ST to sync databases across devices. I had several conflicts after the new watcher was enabled but I’ve now disabled watcher on TB folders and set scans to 30 secs, no conflicts since.

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