"general SOCKS server failure" since syncthing 1.3.3

Since I upgraded syncthing to 1.3.3 on archlinux, it is unable to connect to my cntlm socks proxy running locally. The log says repeatedly:

INFO: Listen (BEP/relay): joining session: socks connect tcp localhost:8010-> unknown error general SOCKS server failure

I have configured socks for syncthing via systemctl edit syncthing@user

Environment=all_proxy='socks5://localhost:8010' ALL_PROXY_NO_FALLBACK=1 http_proxy= https_proxy= GOMAXPROCS=1

Downgrading syncthing to 1.3.2 works as a workaround. Please help me solving this problem. I’m willing to file a bug report if needed, but maybe something has changed in the config?

There has been a change in that area in 1.3.3.

Can you run with STTRACE=dialer on both versions and provide logs?

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Here are the obfuscated logs:

It seems there are problems in both logs. What’s your scenario, you have a socks proxy but not a https proxy, and http should be routed via socks?

The errors in v1.3.2 log are expected since the firewall after the socks proxy disables all requests to the port 22067. 443 works, and that is enough for syncthing to work.

That still doesn’t answer my question.

Sorry. Your question was actually answered in my first post:

There is no http or https proxy for syncthing, all requests are tunneled through the socks proxy (this is needed because I need ntlm authentication on the corporate proxy behind the local cntlm socks proxy).

I need to look at this in more details in front of a computer. Can you raise an issue on github?


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