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up to now I was using FreeFileSync to perform the following tasks:

  • Create a backup of 5 folders on C:\ to my D:\ partition (5 different target folders) Here the files should be just synchronized without a backup-history. Easy task.

  • Create a backup of my D:\ partition to two external HDDS (that I only connect for backup purposed). Here for most folders a backup history should be created, but not for all folders (I excluded 4 folders from the backup history). For this task I have created 4 backup profiles in FreeFileSync:

  1. Backup D:\ to External HDD 1 including the history (here all folders except 4 folders are bacled up)
  2. Backup D:\ to External HDD 1 without a backup history (just the 4 folders)
  3. Same as 1. but just for the second backup drive
  4. Same as 2. but just for the second backup drive

Now I am looking for an alternative for FreeFileSync and I wonder if Syncthing is a solution for me.

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It’s not. Syncthing is a network tool. You want local disk backup which Syncthing doesn’t do.

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