Galaxy S10 run condition problems

Hi All, Thanks for reading this.

I have been using Syncthing on my Pixel2 for a while now without issue. I have it set to run only when connected to AC power, and when connected to my home wifi network. Every night when my phone is plugged in syncthing runs and its basically invisible to me - the way I want it to be.

Now I’ve setup my wife’s phone, a Samsung galaxy S10 with the same settings as my phone. But for some reason it does not run when I plug the phone in. If I open the syncthing app manually and the run conditions are met, then the phone syncs and everything is happy. The problem is of course I don’t want any user intervention.

Are there some OS settings somewhere that I can check into? Something others know to be required for this to work?

Samsung is very aggressive with its “battery saving” techinques. I have managed to get my S10 to do what I want it to do regarding all the automation (Synching run conditions, Tasker things, etc.) but it took me a couple of months of ironing out all the “app sleeping”, “power optimizing”, “background restricting”, etc., and I don’t even want to remember all the settings I had to overhaul nested deep in the menus.

Thanks for the reply, I’ve basically given up on getting Syncthing to work on the S10. But if anyone else knows what needs to change to make this work please do let me know.

I had given up on making syncthing work on my wife’s phone. But after my last attempt to make things work, I managed to make syncthing work. For some reason when I restricted the run conditions to run only on my home network things didn’t work,but when I removed the specific network SSID requirement, things seemed to work properly. This means that syncthing will run when connected to ANY network, and plugged into AC power. I don’t know why, but it kept saying that the network SSID was prohibiting it from running. This is not ideal, but good enough for me!

You probably did not grant location permissions to the app.

Google considers wifi ssid’s location information.

Nope, I checked all permissions on the app, there was no denied permissions.

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