fswatcher not re-checking file after failure

If a large file becomes available FS Watcher will detect the file and attempt to sync it , however if that large file is not completed it will fail since the file changed while syncing. FS Watcher doesn’t seem to re-check after the 120 seconds delay I have set it to. It will come with the error File changed during hashing and not get picked up until the next set scan. How can i set FS Watcher to automatically scan every 2 minutes for changes rather than just one time after 2 minutes ?

The watcher doesn’t scan anything. The watcher just notifies about changes, the scanner does the scanning.

If you want scans to happen ever 2 mins, use scanner with that interval and not watcher.

After the scan has started and failed, and the file stopped changing, the watcher has no reason to notify anything, as its not changing anymore.

A failed sync or request for data causes a scan of the affected file. I guess whatever is writing that file allocates all space at the start and doesn’t change mtime after it is done. Then a scan can’t see any difference.

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