fsWatcher and periodic scanning ignore new camera photos and new screenshots on android.

New camera photos shot by LineageOS camera app and new screenshots are ignored by fsWatcher and periodic scanning on android. Camera photos shot by OpenCamera are recognized by fsWatcher.

I need to manually trigger full rescan for LineageOS camera app’s photos in order to make them recognized by syncthing.

It seems periodic scanning doesn’t work on time because uptime grows very slowly. I suspect android suspends the Go process despite the fact that battery optimization is disabled for syncthing.

Steps to reproduce

  • Take a photo with LineageOS camera app
  • Take a screenshot of android screen by pressing volume down button and power button together.

Version Information

  • Syncthing Version: v1.0.1
  • OS Version: LineageOS 14.1

Upgrading LineageOS to 15.1 solved this issue.

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Yehaaaa thanks for reporting back. Glad it works for you now :-).

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