FSEventStreamStart: false on macOS 12.3.1

I connected multiple devices and one RPI-4 and after connecting the RPI-4 and making a switch from Untrusted to Trusted I took these messages to all devices for all the folders that are shared.

No idea what you are referring to.

I had initially connected 1 MacBook pro with macOS 12.3.1 and one raspberry 4. Initially, I marked raspberry as untrusted to the mac and then I changed to trusted. So on the Mac side, I got this error message for all folders shared with the raspberry as well as the folders that I was sharing with another desktop.

Do you have a screenshot of the error? You aren’t providing any context where you are seeing this.

Sure this is what I get on the Mac.

That’s the filesystem watcher, that has no connection to trusted/untrusted devices/folders. That means the watch failed to start, which according to apple docs “ought to always succeed” (Apple Developer Documentation). I have no clue what this might be about.

Anything special about your system, how you installed Syncthing or the filesystem where the data is stored? Respectively if there’s nothing special, can you give some details on all of those - maybe something stands out.

I have installed Syncthing from the Syncthing | Downloads following the script to install it. Nothing more than that. These error messages have been revealed after I changed the untrusted to trusted for the other device. The was nothing else done from my side. On the mac the folders are local folders that have been shared with other devices and the error messages are for all of them.

I finally rebooted the machine and the error has gone. I really don’t know what was causing the issue but thanks for the time spend to reply to me.