FSEventStreamStart: false on macOS 10.9.5

While running Syncthing on an older iMac I see this warning at top of web UI.

I assume this is fine, it refers to the newer more efficient way Syncthing can monitor directories for changes in more modern versions of macOS. I need to run os 10.9 however, as this machine is running my recording studio, where the software requires to be possible to run. Naturally I shutdown the internet and actually pull out the Ethernet cable while recording because packets cause hardware interrupts that literally stop the session. But I digress…

Anyhow this is more just so the developers can see an example of the warning in 10.9.5… otherwise Syncthing is running fine, with it’s usual super high CPU use but thats OK I love it.

Filesystem Watcher Errors

For the following folders an error occurred while starting to watch for changes. It will be retried every minute, so the errors might go away soon. If they persist, try to fix the underlying issue and ask for help if you can’t. Support

Album2 The Atkinson Diet 13inch FSEventStreamStart: false
Marlene-Tom FSEventStreamStart: false
Dropbox-13inch FSEventStreamStart: false
SirFunk-Marlene-Tom FSEventStreamStart: false
iTunes Music Folder Hotel Send Only FSEventStreamStart: false
Music FSEventStreamStart: false
S6 Active FSEventStreamStart: false
Default Folder (q93x3-f9uxv) FSEventStreamStart: false
Tomachi Sir Funkalot LIVE FSEventStreamStart: false

v0.14.50, macOS (64 bit) “Dysprosium Dragonfly”

v0.14.50 is built with Go1.11, which dropped support for macOS <10.10. I don’t know whether that’s the reason, but you could try by building v0.14.50 yourself with go1.10. Otherwise you can just disable watching for changes to get rid of these warnings and use periodic scanning instead as before (but I assume you know that already).

hey i also want to know Am facing the same problem. Hope anyone here can help me too. Thanks in advance. Regards,

It sounds like filesystem notifications doesn’t work on 10.9 any more. As that isn’t an officially supported OS (by Go), there isn’t much we can do either way. You can still use it without filesystem notifications, or with an older Syncthing release, I expect.

So long as it works I’m good. Seems to work. Hard to tell sometimes.