Frustrated, help appreciated!

Frustratingly, I have setup syncthing on my phone and computer, and want to sync between them – and the statusis set as ‘Unshared’. In the settings of this folder, I also have ‘shared with: My Computer’. So which one is it?

Why the orange broken link? Why do some files appear, and some do not?

Computer shows as ‘disconnected’ on the phone, and the folders idle despite being out of sync. On my computer, I am seeing an error along the lines of ‘no devices have the correct version of this file’. I have set the password on both, and am confused as to why it is not working as expected, and excited to get it going! THanks!

Please post screenshots of the Syncthing Web GUI from both devices. On Android, you can access the Web GUI from the left slide-out menu.

The Android app uses different naming for folder states than Syncthing proper, which can be confusing. At the moment, it seems that you have tried to share the folder from the phone side, however the devices cannot connect, which is why you haven’t been presented with a pop-up to add the folder on the PC.




and the computer version ty

I have a feeling you face some protocol errors (prob spamming the logs).

Is there any specific reason why you basically consider the other devices as “untrusted” on both sides? This is probably conflicting. Please note that you don’t need to set passwords to securely sync data from device A to device B. Using the password-functionality has very specific use-cases, and I doubt you’re after that at this point.

the phone is an Android device so don’t trust it, but the definitions are not really clear in the setup. So how do I securely ‘trust’ my computer from the phone, or whatever is needed to get it working? Ty

Please read up if you want to learn about the “untrusted” feature. In short, it’s not what you want to enable if your goal is to be able to actually access and view the files on both sides.

The reason why your devices cannot connect with one another is that if you mark them as “untrusted”, then all folders shared between them must be set to “Receive Encrypted” (which itself is explained in the Docs link above).