I finally got syncthing working on my computer and successfully sent a few photos to my google pixel. Today I got on to do some more uploading and it seems frozen. My pixel says “up to date” with the laptop connection. My laptop says “syncing” with the pixel, but seems frozen on 11% and I can see from my google photos that many haven’t synced up and uploaded.

Any ideas why it’s stuck? I’ve tried refreshing the connections, but it’s just staying there.

There’s currently not enough details to narrow down the possibilities. Could be network connection issues, could be filename issues, etc.

A screenshot of at least Syncthing’s web GUI on the laptop with the out-of-sync folder panel and the Pixel’s device panel expanded so that the connection details are visible would be most helpful.

Click the “61 items, ~10.1 GiB” link to see a list of files that are out of sync.

And i forgot to upload the screenshots of the illegid google pixel its connected to

Can you check the web ui on android? Verify the folder types across devices allows syncing both ways.