Frozen syncs, still not done in 2 days (mobileA-desktopA-mobileB)


I have 3 devices one being a desktop and the rest are android cyanogen mod on 4.4.4 (arm7).

I started sync between these devices, all seem to be able see eachother. I also got an initial sync done (mobile to desktop). I then added bunch of more files and folders on mobile. Then I added the second mobile (2nd sees the desktop directly). Now my sync has been stuck on mobiles for 2 days, not much moving is happening. The desktop seems to have the initial file number alright (but is still trying to sync a single file over 6 hours. it is a text file). But the mobile devices are kind of out of whack, nothing seems to move between all these 3. Especially the last one I added has not caught up in 2 days, still missing over 700 files out of 1900. The sync totals around 3 gb which is not heavy whatsoever.

What do I do to resolve this ? I restart all the devices and services with no light in the end. It seems to be that this is more of a mobile issue. I do not see any issue reporting in the logs on mobiles.

I am using 0.9.5 on dekstop, 0.8.5 on mobiles


Syncthing 0.9.x is not compatible with 0.8.x, at all, so they’ll never get in sync.


Sorry I made a mistake on the version. The mobiles use 0.4.8 android version not 0.8.x. The sync works on mobile but theys topped syncing after sometime.

I am thinking more and more that this is an issue with the mobile ST. Because I restart ST on the mobile device, it seems to sync some files and then it stops forever. This seems to eb the behavior with both mobile devices. These devices are different brands but both has cyanaogenmod on them

I look at the log files and I do not see anything weird. I will try to get the log files.