Frequency of updates

Hi all, I’m trying to replace dropbox by syncthing for note synchronization between my android device and my linux desktop computer. The setup was easy, but then I noticed that the updates between devices lagged quite a bit, say after a quick edit of a small file I had to wait about 1 minute to get the update. Both devices are configured to monitor file changes so I assumed the update would be instantaneous (or after at most 10 seconds, I think I read somewhere that changes are batched every 10 seconds or so). What should I expect?

Its more than just detecting a change, you also need to announce, the other side needs to react to the announcement which might not happen if its scanning itself, then it needs to download it etc, which for files of different sizes might take different amounts of time.

Usually I would not expect this to take a minute unless something else is going on, or filesystem notifications are not actually running.

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