[FR] Expose "--reset-deltas" via Web UI button


my current ticket about “ouf of sync” on v1.6.1 brought me to this idea. Would it be much work to do to expose the reset-deltas function in the Web UI so Syncthing for example tells the monitor process via exit code it should restart it with a one time “–reset-deltas” shot afterwards?

I have other ways to achieve this, but because of the network security strategies it’s taking more time to get a SSH session to all servers remotely where I normally just have the Web UI of Syncthing exposed.

Would love if this could be improved in the future. No hurry, of course :-). Just an idea.

Kind regards, Catfriend1

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We should just get down to whats causing it and fix the underlying cause.


Id really like to see reset deltas, reset database and in the future a per-folder-database with per-folder-reset options. I struggle often with 95% folders and an “expert” menu would certainly help.



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You can achieve something like this by unticking the device under sharing (folder / edit / sharing). After a while the db (seems to) clear out the indexes and it becomes unused. Then re add it

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It does so immediately.

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We think we found the underlying cause that was causing this. So hopefully we will not be needing this.