[FR] Airdrop-like sync folder

I have many devices, and sometimes, I just want to transfer a single file without having to add a device to the list of known devices. This is similar to how Airdrop works.

If user enables this feature on device A, then sending a file from another device B should prompt A that B is sending a file and A can either accept or reject. If accepted, then it goes to a directory A designates (E.g: ~/DropSync).

This is not what syncthing is or does. What you are after is some different application. I’m certain there are airdrop alternatives out there.

I have a mobile sync folder setup on all my mobile devices and my laptop and nas. It’s usually empty. When I want to transfer to another device I just copy into the folder.

On the other device I just move the files out. Very quick. Very easy. Each file is transferred to all the devices but I don’t care. It’s just as quickly removed from all when I move it out on the device I was looking for it on.

One time setup and completely automatic. No accepting or having to specify where to place the new file (aside from just using the OS tools to move it where you want it.)

Very easy.


Neither option requires you to install any software. Similar to Airdrop. Only it’s called Sharedrop!

  1. Free WWW that initiates a direct peer to peer file transfer. Great for an occasional file transfer. https://www.sharedrop.io/

Both computers must be on the same network for this to work. Simply open any browser to that site from both computers. Select a file and it will transfer.

  1. Another Free website that also has free software to make an occasional file transfer a breeze. https://send-anywhere.com/ I have this installed on Android, Kindle, Linux, Windows.

Hope this is useful.