Four open UDP ports


I am running syncthing on a router and want to understand what ports it is using. I read that it needs one TCP and one UDP ports. The TCP portion is fine: it is listening on a single port on each interface I bound it to. At the same time I see syncthing on two UDP ports: one that I configured and the other one is random and is changing every time it restarts. Any idea what the second random port it is using and why?

Port 27948 is configured; the other ports are random.

udp 0 0* 13813/syncthing udp 0 0* 13813/syncthing udp 0 0 :::27948 :::* 13813/syncthing udp 0 0 :::50834 :::* 13813/syncthing

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IPv4 and IPv6 discovery. One socket for receiving, a separate for sending (because reasons).


Thx; Is there a way to make synchting listen for UDP announce messages on a specific set of interfaces/IPs only?

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I don’t think so.

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